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CSEL's resource page includes reports, policy briefs, lesson plans, classroom activities, webinar recordings, and other external resources to aid policymakers and practitioners impacting the outcomes of middle school and secondary English learners.  

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  • Althea Rowe

The IES Research Centers for the Success of English Learners will host its second annual conference this summer. Please note the details below and stay tuned for more information.  

Sept 16–17, 2024  

Washington, D.C. More details are coming soon!

  • CSEL Website Administrator

This webinar provides an overview of initiatives in the area of Indigenous language reclamation. Panelists shared about research projects and programs designed to support Indigenous children in connecting to language, heritage, and culture. Webinar attendees heard about what Indigenous-led research said about intergenerational language learning, land-based pedagogy, and the importance of Indigenous languages for early childhood learning.

View related resources used for this webinar here.


Updated: Feb 14

The Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) recently shared the letter below. Please direct inquiries about this communication to the OELA email address noted in the letter.

Download • 108KB

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