CSEL's resource page includes reports, policy briefs, lesson plans, classroom activities, webinar recordings, and other external resources to aid policymakers and practitioners impacting the outcomes of middle school and secondary English learners.  


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Updated: Apr 30

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The Center of the Success of English Learners (CSEL) is calling on all educators of English Learners grades 6-12 in Texas or New York to participate in a research study to understand the experiences of multi-language learners and English Learners (ELs) as they navigate course-taking in middle and high school.

We hope to learn about the supports, challenges, and overall experiences of the educators that support ELs. Your participation will provide important information about how to improve experiences for English Learners. For more information, continue reading!

Who Can Participate:

  • Secondary educators, grades 6-12, with experience working with ELs;

  • Can come from any of the following backgrounds:

  • general education teachers, teachers of EL students, ESL/Bilingual education coordinators, LPAC coordinators/administrators/members, school administrators, and guidance counselors;

  • Must work in a public, non-charter school;

  • Must be have experience in Texas or New York.

What You'll Do:

Participate in one OR two 90-minute Zoom focus groups:

  • Answering open-ended questions about working with ELs

  • Providing feedback on a survey about working with ELs


Educators will receive $50 upon completion for each focus group.



Please complete this survey to express your interest in participating:

For more information please contact:

Dr. Jeremy Miciak at the University of Houston (


Recorded on Thursday, March 11, 2021 | Approx. run-time: 1 hour

Event Title: [Webinar] Examining State Resources and Policies: Remote & In-person Instruction & Assessment for ELs


Dr. Supreet Anand, Acting Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director, Office of English Language Acquisition

Dr. Kenji Hakuta, Emeritus Professor at Stanford University

Helyn Kim, IES Education Research Analyst

Dr. Diane August, Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Applied Linguistics


A policy discussion on recent recommendations for state and district level educators related to instructing and assessing EL students during the pandemic developed by the Center for the Success of English Learners (CSEL).

The new brief, Educating English Learner Students During the Pandemic, examines:

  • the impact of remote learning on EL students and their teachers;

  • the potential and limitations of using digital learning resources (DLRs) to educate these students; and

  • current federal legislation that authorizes funds for a variety of activities that could be used to support ELs and their families.


The Center for the Success of English Learners (CSEL) is one of the two new IES supported Research and Development Centers focused on the topic of “Improving Opportunities and Achievements for English Learners in Secondary School Settings.” The centers aim to identify systemic and instructional influences that affect ELs’ access to the general curriculum and its relation to their outcomes.

CSEL is headed by Dr. David Francis at the University of Houston. Center partners include the Center for Applied Linguistics, UT Austin, New York University, and the SERP Institute/Harvard.

CSEL will undertake a five-year, focused program of research aimed at identifying and removing barriers related to school-level practices influenced by policies that constrain course-taking, as well as developing and testing interventions that leverage transdisciplinary approaches to improve instruction for ELs in grades 6 and 9 science and social studies.


Updated: Feb 23


Diane August, Ph.D.

Coleen Carlson, Ph.D.

Maria Yolanda Cieslak, and

Kenneth Michael Nieser


This report provides information about current state policies and resources that districts and schools can utilize to support English learners (ELs) receiving remote instruction and assessments.



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