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New Report Outlines Recommendations for Remote Instruction & Assessments for ELs

Includes Analysis of Digital Learning Resources & Current Federal Legislation


WASHINGTON, DC, Feb. 18— Today, the Center for the Success of English Learners (CSEL) released a report on educating English Learner students (ELs) during the pandemic. The report provides recommendations for state and district level educators to ensure that equitable and meaningful educational access and engagement for EL students is happening remotely.

The report also examines:

  • Current federal legislation that authorizes funds for a variety of activities that could be used to support ELs and their families;

  • The impact of remote learning on EL students and their teachers; and

  • The potential and limitations of using digital learning resources (DLRs) to educate these students.

Another major highlight of the report is up-to-date state-by-state level information about policies and resources related to remote instruction and assessment for ELs with links to these resources.

This report is the first of many resources CSEL plans to release over the next 5 years to support English learners, their communities, and their teachers. The report, “Improving Remote Learning and Assessment for English Learner Students,” can be view and downloaded for free on the Center’s website,


About the Center

The Center for the Success of English Learners (CSEL) is a new national research and development center working to identify and remove barriers that continually keep English learners (ELs) from accessing the general curriculum. Funded by the Institutes of Education Sciences (IES), the Center delivers support for middle school and secondary English learners and teachers by developing and providing actionable, research-based resources and an engaging array of events for educators, administrators, and policymakers.


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