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Improving Instruction, Assessment, and Policies for Secondary English Learners Across Content Areas

Inaugural In-Person Conference

Join us on

May 8 - 9, 2023

Washington, D.C

The first in a series of new annual conferences jointly hosted by two federally-funded research centers created to study how to improve education for English Learners and produce actionable findings.

The joint conference, held at George Washington University, is intended for teacher educators, teachers, district and state English Learner program administrators and others playing key roles in the field, including policymakers and researchers.

Confirmed speakers include: Mark Schneider, Director, IES; Kenji Hakuta (History and Policy), Stanford University; Guillermo Solano-Flores (Assessment and Student Learning), Stanford University; Amanda Kibler (Teaching and Instruction), Oregon State University; and Jennifer O’Day (Organizational Change

and Professional Development), AIR.

Opening remarks from Aida Walqui, WestEd; David Francis, University of Houston; and Michael Feuer, George Washington University.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Learn ways in which teacher education, curriculum, instruction, assessment, course taking, and policies can be dramatically improved so that secondary English Learners succeed in all content areas.

  • Hear directly from leading researchers and experts in the field.

  • Network across research, policy, and instructional roles to share best practices.

  • Make a difference in the learning and the lives of children who need support to simultaneously learn subject matter content and practices, and the English necessary to communicate them.

We expect that the joint conference will nurture critically needed awareness of research-based findings, as well as the tools and processes available to ensure that English Learners are offered quality opportunities to learn and realize their potential.



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