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IES Predoctoral Fellow Explores the Impact of Race and Ethnicity in Inclusive Classrooms

Updated: May 15

Inside IES Research showcases education researchers and fellows funded by IES who have contributed to education research, policy, and practice. Recently, the series spoke with Ben Le, an IES Predoctoral Fellow at New York University and a member of the IES-funded R&D Center on the Success of English Learners (CSEL).

Le's research, a focal point of the conversation, delved into English learners' needs and emphasized race and ethnicity's influence in fostering inclusive classrooms that nurture student success. The discussion explored the intersection of race, language, and education, shedding light on marginalized students' experiences in NYC public schools.

Read the complete interview at the link below to learn more about Le's journey and dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in education.



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