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CSEL's resource page includes reports, policy briefs, lesson plans, classroom activities, webinar recordings, and other external resources to aid policymakers and practitioners impacting the outcomes of middle school and secondary English learners.  

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Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) is hosting live discussions open to the public highlighting the researchers, practitioners, and policymakers on the front lines fighting for educational equity for all language learners in the U.S.

Each 30-minute episode of this webinar series called “Research to Policy: Critical Conversations in Language Education” attempts to center multilingual learners and culturally diverse populations through the lens of equity. Topics range from student assessment, teacher education, students with disabilities, early childhood education, and more.

We are imagining a world that takes an assets-based approach when working with multilingual learners, and we believe that a more equitable perspective can --and must-- guide local, state, and national policy across different educational settings. - CAL Board of Directors


Maybe you've heard about translanguaging, one of the most talked about topics in the language learning world.

Check out this free downloadable CAL Commentary from the Center for Applied Linguistics.

Author and professional development expert, Marybelle Marrero-Colón, discusses the theoretical concepts and practical applications for the many types of programs that serve language learners, including English as a Second Language, Transitional Bilingual Education, and Dual Language programs.

Because each of these programs approaches bilingualism or multilingualism differently, translanguaging practices may be implemented differently in each case.


Check out the Multilingual Mysteries Blog Series from the Center for Applied Linguistics.

The series is penned by Margo Gottlieb, who has devoted her professional career to improving educational opportunities for multilingual learners. In the posts, Margo delves into “Multilingual Mysteries” around the topic of classroom assessment. Every other week, she poses different scenarios to readers to consider and vote on.

Here are her most recent blogs posts:

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