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Webinar Recording: How Policy Affects Access to Learning for English Learners

Updated: Feb 14

In this first of several webinars on Teaching for Success presented by the Center for the Success of English Learners (CSEL), Drs. Michael Kieffer and David Francis presented on work of the Policy Strand of the center that was recently shared at the IES Principal Investigators meeting.

Dr. Francis opened the session with a discussion on diversity in education settings, focusing on diversity among ELs and the interplay between language proficiency and content area achievement. Dr. Kieffer followed with a presentation on content area course taking among ELs in NYC and Houston high schools, examining how ELs are sorted within and between schools and the wide variation that is observed in the extent to which ELs have opportunities to learn with their non-EL peers.

Drs. Francis and Kieffer discussed differences between NYC and Houston, as well as implications for our ongoing policy analysis to set the stage for future webinars focused on instruction.


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